ThinkSystem SR665 V3 Rack Server

Performance-built 2U

  • Two 4th Generation AMD EPYC™ processors
  • Up to 24x 256GB TruDDR5 4400MHz memory
  • Support for TruDDR5 with ECC
  • PCIe 4.0 and 5.0 slots for I/O flexibility
  • Up to 3x Double-width 350W GPUs for graphics-intensive workloads


ThinkSystem SR665 V3 Rack Server


Performance for modern IT

Modern IT applications like AI, software-defined and virtualization applications require servers with flexibility and performance to manage the continually growing amount of data. The ThinkSystem SR665 V3 provides the performance to manage these next gen applications. With the 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ processor, up to 160 PCIe lanes for I/O speed, and multiple drive options, the SR665 V3 has the performance to tackle the complex workloads of today and tomorrow.

Versatile design

Servers are the backbone to your rapidly changing IT infrastructure. It’s necessary to have agile servers which can be easily modified as your IT requirements change. The SR665 V3 is designed to support your infrastructure today and easily scale to prepare for next gen workloads. Select your drives from SAS/SATA, NVMe, EDSFF, and AnyBay™ for your current needs with hot-swap capabilities and XClarity storage management software, easily change it in the future. The versatile design doesn’t stop at storage, the SR665 V3 includes support for DDR5 with ECC, multiple options for GPU and PCIe to satisfy graphics, speed, and budget requirements.

Next-level management and security

The ThinkSystem SR665 V3 provides easy management and peace-of-mind through a combination of Lenovo XClarity management, ThinkShield security, and Lenovo Services.

Lenovo XClarity provides a data-driven, centralized view of data center operations and security features like monitoring for unexpected adds and changes.

ThinkShield adds a layer of protection against attacks as well as secures the server with its Root of Trust from design to decommission. Lenovo Services adds simplicity to the deployment, management, and servicing of the system.

Tech Specs


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